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     We are glad you decided to stop by our site and hope you like what you see.  If you own a havanese or know someone who does, you understand the raise the curtain - it's HAV time!!!  They are always ready to put on a show for you and others.  We have one little girl who stands on her hind legs with her paws tucked and jumps backwards .  She looks like a groundhog.  It is so funny.  She wants you to come and get her because she always thinks it's Chloe time.  Grace can jump with the best of them.  We got a higher gate so she can't jump over it if she is in the kitchen and we aren't home.  Belle loves to fetch and does it very well.  She would try to give a retriever a good game of fetch.  She may lose due to size, but boy would she ever try hard to get the toy and keep it.    She will be playing with everyone else and then run over to be picked up and loved on.  After she has her lovin, off she goes to make the laps around the pool table and anywhere else she can run.  Last,  (at least for now) but not least, is our wonderful little boy Zane.  (He isn't the last - grin - we got more!) He looks at me with those eyes and I would do just about whatever he wanted.    He will come over and bat at me to say come on - play with me, then get up on his hind legs for more of it.  He is so lovable and gives me those sweet Zane kisses.  If he is on the sofa and I go sit in a chair at the other end, you can bet it won't be but about 3 seconds until he is there on the arm of the sofa to be close and get more attention.  All of them love to go outside (in fenced in backyard) and play.  They will run until I think they have to slow down and rest.  They are so fast too.  Don't ever take one out without being on a leash or in a fenced in area.  They also are very agile.  They can jump over each other, me, or just about anything that gets in their way.  If you want something that will stay off your furniture, it's not a havanese!  As they are coming across the room, they are already in motion to make the jump for the sofa.  It's almost as if they float or soar through the air.  Sometimes they miss, as they started too soon and it is comical.  They just back up and do it again.  They also will curl up beside you or on you and be content to take a nap - resting up for the next act to start.  If you are looking for action, entertainment, fun, love, and happiness - then a havanese might be the dog for you.  If so, it will be - Let The Show Begin!!!


           CHLOE at 6 1/2 Months        



                 If a Havanese doesn't make you smile, you better see a doctor!!!  

     Enjoy our site and if you have any questions or comments, e-mail us at or call at 614-277-1984